Welcome to my site! This site is all about me – my likes, dislikes, craves, opinions, judgements (Surname Richter – means Judge) and the like. I’ll share links to stuff I like, stuff I don’t like and events near me that I am interested in. Follow me if you wish or don’t – I know in this day in age it’s all about the amount of people who follow you or don’t.. and for me, I only care about that when it comes to my ecommerce sites or my clients websites and social media status/post updates. 😉

Show Place Shop

Yep, I’ve decided to start selling my crafts. I’ve been asked to customize and then others just say, “make it pretty” so I got lots of ideas to put out and get out and sell. Some say my items are “witchy” but then that is my chosen faith. But others don’t even care if I am a witch or not, they just love my designs and they understand that if it was really bad… there would be a lot of people being struck down by lightning!  😉 🙂 😀


I’m a designer and  an artist. I create digitally as well as on other media forms – like canvas, wood, walls.

I create crafts and artwork alike, as well as crocheted items (yes hand crocheted by me!) I also have a knitting machine I’m getting fixed so I can give that a whirl! All found here (just have to make it!)

I’m  an Aquarian – nearly to the core. But I’m also Fire – the Leo Rising, and yet more Air with Libra Moon. If you need help discovering yours – contact me, I can do that!


My thoughts of the everything political, healthcare, education and what not.

So everything seems to be political now And everyone has an opinion or judgment for or against everything now And if we don’t agree on anything then everyone is a racist (creed, race, sexuality etc., etc.)… Actually that isn’t what racism is… or being a racists is… a racist is a person who shows or feels …